Diary Entries on Clubhouse~

Wanted to let our listeners know that we do regular 'rooms' in Clubhouse (the new Social App). 

Amy is on Clubhouse and trying all the time to get Rico on board. Either way, wherever Amy is, Rico isn't far behind (he also likes to highjack Amy's profile and join the room😜). Always the class clown🤡! 

Some things to note about Clubhouse: 

* You must download the app.

*After creating a profile, it would be really dope if you searched out Amy and Rico (@anichollstattoo and @riconaut) and give us a follow. Once you've done that, look up Apprenticeship Diaries Club and follow it. We thank you in advance.

* This is an audio only app. 

* If you have downloaded the app, you should be able to be invited by a friend and start your journey on Clubhouse.

* Join big rooms and listen at first. It's fairly easy to figure out all the protocols. 

* Here is a link to a YouTube video that might aid you in knowing the app better and how to come into this new space informed.