Ep. 212 "When it Rains it Pours" (A Raw Entry)
The Apprenticeship DiariesMay 10, 2024
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Ep. 212 "When it Rains it Pours" (A Raw Entry)

A few days late and perhaps a dollar short? Not sure of much right now as I ( your host ) have been super swamped and am completely late with this Diary Entry.

This is just a check in and a chance to share some cool audio I got of a storm in Oklahoma. Moreover, I kinda announce that I'm getting married? It is an announcement but because I tell it as I do, I really can't account for how unofficial it comes off. LOL!

Happy late Cinco de Mayo and officially, Happy 38th birthday to my man, Rico Illiano. Make sure to follow his rifle page below as a birthday gift. You can find the link below. Also, buy blueberry bushes... Listen to see why!

As always, much love for all the Diary Listener's out there. Thank you for being a reason to get out of bed, along with my hungry cats.

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